Bespoke Reports

In addition to the online service, mySupermarket Insights offers a range of customised reports that provide additional analysis of online retail positioning, product availability, new product launches and customer purchasing trends.



Cross Consumption

The “Cross Consumption" report demonstrate in a clear and simple way the shopping correlation between yours and other brands within the FMCG market. Understanding which products are most frequently bought alongside your brand will allow you to better plan your marketing strategy and optimize your brand position within the supermarket, your customer’s basket and the market in general.

Shopper Journey

The “Shopper Journey" report gives you insights as to the most popular places your brand is being purchased along the shopper journey. Measure your brand’s loyalty performance by analyzing how often it is being purchased from the ‘Previous Order’ shelf, understand search behavior around your brand etc.


The “Availability" report shows you the level of availability of your brand in the different retailers across the country, down to the SKU and brand level of each retailer. This insights will allow you to optimize your brand’s logistics efforts for maximum efficiency. You can also get insights as to the cross-correlation between your availability and market share allowing you to optimize your sales efforts around specific areas or time of year.


Get direct access to your customers by using mySupermarket Surveys. With more than 3 million monthly visitors, mySupermarket can offer you direct access to thousands of shoppers interested in your and your competitor’s brands. Want to know what they like or dislike about your brand, what they think about the new product you have just launched or how you can get them to buy your brand instead of your competitor’s?

mySupermarket Insights is a great way for us to get closer to our consumers, and to get a better understanding of what makes people buy our smoothies.  By using mySupermarket Insights we can get up to date pricing information to help us to make better decisions for our business.

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