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Unique and purpose-built reports that provide additional analysis into your competitive landscape and customer purchasing behaviour.

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New Product Development
(NPD) Daily Alert Report

Keep up-to-date new product development (NPD) in your category. The NPD Alert Report will tell you the moment new products become available online at any of the supermarkets.
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Online audit

Online FMCG retail is growing 20% per annum, this full audit of how your brand and competitors are presented online ensures you know online retail as well as bricks and mortar.
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Customer Profiling

This detailed report helps you to get an overall understanding of how your customers differ between the main supermarkets and learn more about the differences between online and offline shoppers.
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Price Comparison

This report, popular with investment banks and other industry analysts, lets you select a collection of products to build a CPI-style basket for tracking daily, weekly or monthly price trends.
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Product Substitution

The Product Substitution Report provides insight into which alternative brands shoppers select instead of yours and which brands you gain from.
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We have fascinating data on the FMCG market over with up to three years historical data and are able to build you a purpose-built report based on the insights you are looking to understand.
The largest, most representative, individual online shopping panel available in the UK. The data we receive from is representative of online grocery shoppers in terms of demographics and purchasing behaviour.

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